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About Me

Hey I’m Jess! 26 year old, Harrogate personal trainer who’s up for getting muddy on a rugby pitch, massive fan of desserts, lover of singing my heart out in the car and enjoys chilling in my comfies on the sofa binge watching a Netflix series.


I qualified as a Personal Trainer in the world’s toughest year, working with clients on a 1:1 or 2:1 basis, also teaching one class per week. I encourage positivity, hard work and laughter during my time with clients. Fitness is not something that should feel like a chore, only enjoyment, red faces and endorphins.


I started my fitness journey when I was going through a bit of rough patch when I was 20. Ever since then I found that I was able to switch off and just be happy when I spent time at the gym. It got to a point when I was unsure what I wanted to do career wise, but found myself watching other personal trainers whilst doing my own training. I took the leap and decided to train to be a personal trainer, mixing my hobby into a career was a frightening move, but its all worked out extremely well and I am loving it.

A clients partner once asked “what is Jess like?” she answered “Very friendly, knows her stuff and hard as nails when you need it!


Personal Trainer

I feel I should leave this to my clients really. . . 


But I would say. . .


I love to challenge my clients, test their capabilities and make them feel positive.

Although, I feel over the past few months I have learnt how far to push clients, knowing where their limits are. This comes with building relationships. I love getting to know my clients on a personal level, I can genuinely say that I class all of my clients as friends, I feel that’s quite rare for some trainers out there.


Im a huge fan of body confidence and strength. I love for my clients to feel comfortable whatever they are doing in the gym and for them to know that they are in a safe space.




“Jess has given me the confidence and motivation to get back into a fitness routine, not only is Jess super motivating but she makes the sessions fun! She’s so welcoming, friendly and immediately made me feel comfortable”


“The Fitness Garage is a low-key, training gym where you can really focus on you. Its a safe space where you can be yourself and the other trainers are super friendly too. I see Jess 3 times a week, all of which are different sessions! 1:1 PT, 2:1 PT and Feel Good Sweat. After being introduced to Jess over a year ago it has completely changed my life - in particular my outlook on fitness. I honestly enjoy 95% of sessions and the 5% is due to normal human down days that we all get.


My main goal was weightless, through combination of weight lifting and fun cardio (!!) I have lost over a stone so far. Without Fit Happy Training I wouldn’t be where I am today; engaged and looking forward to trying on dresses! Not to mention Jess and the lovely friendship in which I cherish. HIRE HER, she’s great and you won’t be disappointed.”


"Jess is a ray of sunshine in my week, meaning I always look forward to our session. Before starting with Jess I had never done any weight training before.


Jess makes it fun and enjoyable to train, she is very motivating and encouraging! If motivation, flexibility and a personal approach is what you’re looking for in a PT, then Jess if the PT for you!"


“I love my sessions with Jess! I’ve learnt so much about how to use the equipment and feel like I make progress week on week. She knows exactly when to push me and how to make it so much fun!”


“Since starting with Jess, she has helped me find my limits with weights, pushed my cardio and helped expand my knowledge within exercise - whilst always keeping it fun. It’s safe to say I leave every session with a smile on my face, even if I look like a tomato!”


“Jess is a really supportive and helpful personal trainer. She makes your workouts fun and enjoyable and I’ve really seen results”

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