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Shared PT.

What is shared personal training?

Do you prefer to train with a friend or family member? 

If yes, shared personal training might be right for you. 

During our shared sessions you will be following your own programme alongside each other. So don't worry if you feel you aren't at the same fitness level because your programme will be personalised for you. 

Its a great way to feel more motivated, keep each other accountable and have fun doing so!



"I have loved shared sessions. It is double the fun but doesn't stop us staying on track or removing the personalised element. The sessions are targeted and fast paced, I really feel the benefit from them in my strength and mobility. Shared sessions are great as they are more affordable, motivates me and not feeling the burn on my own"


“I love shared PT with Jess. She pushes us both, I get to train with a friend and it makes our sessions more affordable"


Shared Personal Training 

2:1 PT

£25 per person per session

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