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What to expect 

Every session is personalised for your goals. Sessions are 60 minutes long, this gives us chance to learn new exercises, make progress and delve in deeper with gaining strength. My goal is for each and every client to build their confidence and show them exactly how strong they actually are. 


I encourage all clients to be open with me, share ideas and to message me with successes they

have had outside of our sessions. 

I work from a private studio in Harrogate which is for specifically for Personal Trainers and their clients. Each trainer has their own station, this means no fighting over equipment, nobody sat on their phones and nobody judging you. It really is the perfect space for those who feel slightly anxious about going into a gym. 

What my clients say

"Jess is currently helping me train for a half marathon and has shown me its not only about running but strengthening my body to help me perform better without injury. Strength training was something I have always been scared to do but Jess has made it fun and I love trying new things"




"Getting back into fitness or starting a fitness routine is hard. Jess creates a really welcoming environment, the classes are great! I haven't stopped going since my first session"


"Jess is an inspirational, motivational and caring PT whose classes have been a godsend during lockdown. Whenever I don't feel like exercising and I do one of her classes I come away so glad I did! Kettlercise is a brilliant workout helping me build strength and cardio"



Session Pricing


Private Clients Only WhatsApp Group
Support when needed
Guidance with nutrition if wanted

From £35 per hour



Interested in group classes? Take a look here.

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