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As you'd have guessed...a little bit about me before we get down and dirty

Hey readers, I’m Jess!

I just thought I would start my first ever blog post with a little about me. Classic right? But I feel it may put things into perspective with the future blog posts, so here we go…

Currently sat here with a dog on my lap, feeling like a 'proper' blog writer, even though she isn’t my dog but hey ho. I am an anxiety and depression sufferer, personal trainer, girlfriend of a navy officer, fitness enthusiast, dessert lover and a musical fanatic.

On the anxiety front, I have suffered for a lot of years. I am having weekly therapy sessions, taking anti-depressants and just trying to stay busy. Whether all of this is working right now, I can’t really answer that BUT I know sometime soon I will be much better (not really sure if better is the right word, but you get me).

My hobbies are fitness related of course with being a personal trainer. I play rugby with an amazing team of ladies, nothing beats weekly training sessions, some games and it ending with sometimes getting player of the match having to down a pint off beer in which I really dislike. It’s embarrassing to say the least. I love a good obstacle course too, whether that be on my own or with a team!

I have been a qualified personal trainer now for about a year, just handed in my first year of accounts which feels crazy. It sometimes still feels so strange thinking it’s my job. Don’t know about anyone else but before being in this job, I used to hate it when people asked “so what do you do as a job” because I was doing random temping work and it really made me upset saying it. Bring on the social gatherings with people I’ve never met, so I can be asked that same question and confidently say “Im a personal trainer!!!!!!!!”

I have the most loving family, Mum, Dad, little sis and big sis, and I’m also soon to be Auntie Jess eeeeeeep. I have the worlds most caring boyfriend, I don’t think many people could put up with my sad Sundays and anxious mind as much as he can. He makes me laugh and he’s basically FIT AS. For the first time in my life I feel I have the best friends, I have surrounded myself with people that are like-minded and are always there for me. What more do we need?

I could go on for days telling you about my past but that’s not what you’re here for, you’re here for the nitty gritty stuff right? YES, I am so excited to be writing about all things fitness, body confidence, mental health and all of the “important” stuff we should all know with being a female.

Keep your eyes peeled..

Much love x



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