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Comparing yourself to others is the DEVIL.

Have you recently compared yourself to others? I have about 2 minutes before writing this. It sucks you in like a sports bra does your boobs. It can affect you on a daily basis. It definitely does me.

I hate to bring up the ’S-M’ word again but we really need to for this subject. Social media can be probably 99% of how us women can compare other selves to others. We sit endlessly scrolling looking at how great some peoples lives are, not knowing the other side. We’ve all done it for sure.

I want to share my experiences from when I’ve found I’ve compared myself….

  • someone else being a PT and seeing how many hours they work and me thinking I’m not doing enough

  • Seeing people meet up with friends for drinks every weekend and me thinking I should be doing that every weekend too

  • Seeing someone else’s successes and me thinking I haven’t achieved enough

Your list of comparisons may be very different to mine, we all think differently at the end of the day. Actually thinking about it though, for example, a post I put up the other day saying I was fully booked for PT, another PT could have seen that and thought ‘shit, that needs to be me’. It’s a vicious cycle. We are all culprits of sharing successes (of course! and we are allowed to) but its how we react that's the issue, some people worse than others.

This is why I’ve written this blog, to come up with some ways that we can at least help prevent us comparing ourselves.

1. Unfollow people/businesses on social media that you know triggers you.

I have done this quite a few times, not because I don’t like the person, but because I can’t help but compare myself to them and its really not what you need sometimes in that moment of your life. Maybe even tell the person that you’re unfollowing them, let them know why. Hopefully they will understand.

2. Make a list of all the things that are amazing about you.

I know it’s big headed but you are who you are. Just make a list and see which words naturally fall onto the piece of paper - amazing can be one of them of course!

3. Take a break from social media.

We all know social media can be triggering, so maybe just take a break, not going to lie its REALLY hard, I did it for 3 weeks and it was so strange. Whenever you’re bored you go on insta, whenever you’re sat waiting for something you go on insta, whenever the adverts are on you go on insta. You may need to delete the app for a little while so you aren’t tempted. See if it makes you feel any better. Fingers crossed it does, even short term just for a break.

4. Make a list of what you have achieved.

Always a great way to re-gain yourself a little. These achievements can be big or small, it doesn’t matter. An achievement to you may not be to someone else and that’s normal.

5. Speak to your friends.

Your friends are there for you no matter what. They may be comparing themselves to someone too, maybe even the same person?!, they may feel the exact same way. What better way to overcome something than with someone you love and care about.

I heard the saying once “you are in your own boat, they might be in a different boat, it doesn’t matter if you’re ahead, to the side or behind, just row your own boat”.

We are in control of our feelings, we don’t want to let these feelings make the one life we have crappy. Do what you need to do to feel happy. Do what you need to do to feel success. When you feel that feeling I’m sure its amazing. Im saying ‘Im sure’ because Im not there yet myself, there are parts of myself in which Im really happy with, but some just need working on a little bit more and hopefully I will be there soon.

We are all good at something that someone else isn’t, I am one of 3 sisters. Me being the sporty one, my little sister being the creative one and my older sister being the intelligent one. We’ve just grown to understand that and accepted it, because to be honest its all true. I haven't asked my sisters for permission for these photos so not sure how it will go down but here they are....

Emma - intelligent, primary school teacher, master baker

Jess - fitness freak

Georgia - Fashion icon and creative (yes she made that ash tray, follow her on insta @claybaeuk)

So I just want to leave you with this thought...

There will always be someone that is more driven, body confident, talented or happier than you. But what is it that you have that makes you YOU?



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